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  • Ashley + Ruarri {Zion National Park} Part 1

    Thursday, June 17 | Comments

    Ashley and Ruarri!! Oh man, how awesome are they. This was one of the weddings that we were EX-CI-TED for!! It was a 4 day weekend extravaganza starting in Vegas, going to Zion and ending in Vegas. They invited their 31 closest friends and family and just had a big party! It was so great because it was so intimate, almost just like a small, traveling get together where they happened to get married in the middle.

    First we had dinner in Vegas with everyone  after wondering through the casinos all day. We won $2.50!!! High rollers!!!  These two are amazingly laid back and awesome, our dream clients.  The next day we all hoped on a huge bus loaded with candy, a good mix CD  and started our 3 hour drive. Once we got into Zion we went on this amazing 4 hour hike up a gorgeous mountain, had dinner outside and had an awesome bon fire next to the river… And anyone who knows me knows that smores are the way to my heart.

    We got to know everyone pretty well and felt like part of the group- my favorite wedding to date!!!  Enjoy, there are 2 posts because there is so much!

    They chartered a bus from Vegas to Zion, it was good fun…

    When we got there we all went on a nice 4 hour hike. Ashley took a group and so did Ruarri

    LAKIN {her last name} !!! I’m the “I”….

    Rehearsal dinner next to the river!

    and now for the part I was dying for… bon fire and smores :]

    Her dad planned this big sing along and handed our lyrics… amazing

    Day 2- WEDDING DAY!!!

    This is the first couple I’ve ever seen get ready in the same room, haha

    scone lover.  So “man-some”…

    They picked their ceremony location by just driving around and finding one. They marked an “X” with a cow rib and a stick. This place was beautiful and secluded… it was awesome.

    Obviosuly there was no “isle”… they just made one through the bushes on the way!


    To be continued….. tomorrow!!


    1. Margie says:

      Incredible. I love your style. Spectacular results, Heather and Grayson, and you guys WERE a part of the group. We loved hanging out with you!

    2. wow! what a great unique fun wedding. can’t wait to see part 2 – love the location they picked for the ceremony.

    3. Annie says:

      OMG! Amazing! I am so jealous of this wedding! :)

    4. candice says:

      oh my gosh…. your pictures just keep getting better and better! you guys are the best!

    5. Josh says:

      Whatever! Best clients of all time perhaps?

      You captured it beautifully guys! Not to mention winning $2.50.

      Everyone’s a winner. :)

    6. Jacey says:

      What a gorgeous and unique ceremony. I love that the whole group traveled together. I imagine that was an incredibly bonding experience. Awesome!

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