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  • Ashley Goldberg… the amazing.

    Tuesday, September 6 | Comments

    We just wanted to take a second to point out this amazing artist, Ashley Goldberg. We’d seen her stuff “around” then she emailed us about shooting her wedding in Portland. In the end it didn’t work out but she was still nice enough to send us some prints! WHAT!? So she sent us the first two,  the first one is my pick and the second is Grayson’s pick.

    If you like what you see {we do!} you should check out her Etsy shop, you’ve probably seen her work around etsy, it’s aaammaaazzinnngggg!!!

    She also does a lot of custom work for people like portraits and what not. Someday we’ll get the drawing of us riding our tandem bike with the ferrets in the basket on the front… someday…

    This one is called “Lets Stay Home”

    “Hello June”

    The rest of these are some of our favorites from her Etsy shop:

    “Joseph Ready to Hang” and “Trust Your Instincts”

    “Hello July”

    “Keep Your Friends Close” and “Peace Offering”

    and last but not least “Masquerade”


    1. tashaC says:

      Great Stuff, I think I love Hello July. Thanks for sharing. And also I miss you guys! Maurice came home from the Quarry and had me buy Riceworks chips. Thanks Gray!

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