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  • Anthony + Shani {Woodinville, WA}

    Thursday, September 16 | Comments

    Anthony + Shani are awesome and therefore know how to throw an awesome wedding!  The got married in Woodinville, WA at the Columbia Winery and it was definitely a pretty cool place.  The scenery was beautiful and the weather couldn’t have cooperated more nicely!  They even brought along their dog, “Scout” for the festivities and he came dressed in his Sunday finest (a doggie bow tie!)  After the ceremony, the food and wine were flowing (which inevitably causes the dance floor to become instantly populated) and the good times started to roll!  We couldn’t have asked for a more fun wedding!

    Tux T Shirt… definitely a classic!

    Her BEAUTIFUL Vera Wang dress! So pretty!

    the sun in the lens makes a heart.  Coincidence… I think not!

    What a good looking young man.  Meet Scout.

    “I enlisted my dad and brothers to make the ceremony arbor from wood that they chopped and gathered from our family lake cabin in Idaho. My dad also carved out adorable cake toppers & number holders.  My mom and I sewed burlap runners for the table centerpieces & she even knit runners out of kid silk for the main tables.  We used antique buttons from my great grandma’s collection for the center of the paper pinwheels that we put on the mason jars & the arbor.  There were so many other crafty projects I did with the help of my mom, mother-in-law, sister and bridesmaids!  They really helped my whole vision come together.  Our Frenchie Scout is literally the light of our lives, it was only fitting he was our ring bearer!  After the ceremony, the reception turned into a big party with good food, wine and dancing, exactly what we wanted”

    it isn’t a wedding without the worm.

    “Dude, give me a swig of your beer… I’m running low!

    I think “Journey” inspired this beautiful moment between these two.


    1. Ana says:

      Great pictures and beautiful wedding. Can anyone tell me where the bride go the birdcage veil from? Thanks.

    2. Dee Gaubert says:

      beautiful wedding, gorgeous pics…

    3. Charlotte says:

      Does anyone know where to find these LOVE cups?? I would love to use them for flower arrangements @ my wedding, but I can’t find them anywhere? What brand are they?

    4. These photos are so lovely!!
      very good job :)

    5. Gerda says:

      love what you have here, captured the glorious event!

    6. [...] Really, really, really beautiful wedding [...]

    7. Brenda says:

      Another adorable bride and what gorgeous lighting filtering thru the trees…so beautiful! My favorite is the bride and groom sitting on the pathway next to the old railing…so gorgeous…

    8. Really beautiful work! The light in the portraits of the couple is fantastic! :)

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