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    Thursday, December 10 | Comments

    I know I know, it’s really been too long to go without a post. But like I said, it’s our down time! I could post endless photos of the ferrets or Grayson dancing, but who really want to see that.. other than me? Well we’re done Christmas shopping (I’m a champ) and getting ready to head home to see the family for 3 weeks!! While we’re there we’ll be shooting Janessa + Jason’s wedding as well as Erinkay + Doug’s engagement awesomeness. I can’t wait to be warm again!!! We just booked 2 New York weddings, so we’re excited! Also a North Carolina and a couple more California ones (oh home). Needless to say we are freakin pumped for next years wedding. We’ve got some amazing clients with weddings that are just our style- awesome.

    Aaaaannyway, the studly Sara + Zach wrote us a nice little thank you note/review  that I thought would give you something to look at. So here it is! And can I just say- I love Zach and Sara, they are so stinkin cute and happy.. I want to squeeze their faces!

    “My husband and I had the best experience with Jagger Photography. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture from Jagger Photography is worth a million! We are so glad we hired them to do our wedding and engagement pictures. They were professional, flexible, friendly, and very attentive to our needs and how we wanted to capture the moment. Heather has a great eye for color and creativity, as well as her husband, Grayson. The two of them together captured all the fun and laughter of our wedding day and gave us so many wonderful memories for the years to come. Their style and attention to detail can’t be beat. We loved how easy they were to work with and most of the time we forgot we were being photographed. We get so many compliments on all of pictures and and we owe it all to you. Thank you for making it just an enjoyable, unique and fun experience! We are so lucky we found you.
    Zach + Sara Lyman, September 19, 2009″




    the only couple in the world that could get us to agree to this..


    I love this face…. so determined





    1. Cure Lady says:

      This wedding was so awesome. Kind of wish I was there, Heather you make it look timeless

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