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  • Anne + Dan {Leavenworth, WA} Seattle Wedding Photographers

    Tuesday, December 17 | Comments

    So this wedding was pretty dang awesome. Dan and Anne were married right outside of the beautiful town of Leavenworth, WA at one oh the most awesome venues we’ve seen. They even put us up for a night in one of the cabins on the property to spare us a 4 hour drive twice in one day. She got ready in a yurt down a wooded trail where they were also sleeping {on sleeping bags on the floor}. They were just so down to earth, calm and easy to be around all day. The Tierra Learning Center was a wedding venue, a pre-school, a community organic garden and cabins to rent all in one. They had their ceremony in a beautiful open field with their friends and family gathered around them in a big circle. Instead of having a person marry them, they themselves did the ceremony. They took turns reciting their vows, speaking loving words to each other and expressing why they chose the other to spend the rest of their lives with. It was really beautiful and unique. Through lots of tears and lots of love, they were married!

    Their reception was in a barn down the road that everyone took a late night walk to down a trail… We drove because I was really pregnant, haha. A local band played music and everyone danced the night away in the dimly lit barn on this huge plot of land.. it was really nice and simple, just the way we like it!

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