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  • Andrew + Rachel {Oak Canyon Nature Center, CA}

    Sunday, June 1 | Comments

    This incredibly shy and cute couple wanted us to shoot their lovely engagement session at the location where they were getting married, Oak Canyon Nature Center in Anaheim Hills while we were down in Southern CA last. This was the trip where we came down for 2 weeks, had 7 shoots and our entire family {other than me, thank Goodness!} got the really bad flu! It was a rough trip but luckily I was the least sick so I managed to get all 7 shoots shot!!

    I brought a bunch of confetti {because its awesome} and they were a little nervous about it. Even Grayson didn’t seem all that into it. But once we threw those glittery little hearts all over those two, they were hooked, haha. Success! Confetti always makes things better :]

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