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    Monday, September 3 | Comments

    Finally some weddings in Washington! As you may know, we live in Washington. But we don’t shoot here a ton, we’d love to shoot here more though! {Wink Wink!}. The nice thing too about shooting around here is we get to see different parts of the place we call home. Leavenworth is a small “German/Dutch” mountain town. It’s amazingly cute and so, so beautiful. Originally their wedding was supposed to be in Deming, WA on a farm Amy used to work on, but the farm sold so along with it went their wedding plans! Yikes!! But Leavenworth is an amazing sub, and it gave us an excuse to check it out!

    This was one of our favorite kinds of weddings, at an awesome “venue”  {Mountain Springs Lodge} that has a big house for everyone to stay the weekend in and a beautiful lawn and big barn to party in. How could you possibly go wrong with that?…. that’s right, you can’t.

    Andrew and his son Max were from Canada but recently moved to the states

    They made flags out of record labels.

    Amy and Andrew were married 6 months ago so they just had a small ceremony on the porch.

    Such a beautiful location

    Amy got each of her girls personalized lockets for being a part of the wedding.

    Dinner was so hot. Amy picked on me for not siting at the tables with everyone to eat. I grabbed Gray and we sat in the shade… haha. I couldn’t handle it!!

    Max made the cake topper

    Grayson saving a ball from the grass

    Andrew’s dad had an intense pitching arm… poor kid couldn’t defend himself, haha

    Andrew’s dad started a competition of who could hit the ball closest to a rock. Gray almost won!!!

    The dance battle between Canada and the US

    You know it’s a good wedding when the brides feet are filthy from dancing all night.

    People are always asking us if we get sick of shooting weddings ” do you feel like you’re shooting the same thing over and over?”. And the answer is a huge NO! One of the things we love about the weddings we shoot is that they’re all so different and personal to the people. A big part of the reason we love shooting homemade, backyard-ish weddings is because of just that, they are all different. They say so much about the couple and their life together. If we shot weddings with satin ribbons on the chairs and huge glass vase centerpieces with big balls of weird flowers in the middle… yah, we’d get sick of it, because that’s not us. The weddings we shoot are very “us” and that’s the key to enjoying what you do.

    When we shoot a wedding we are never just the photographers, we’re treated and guests and we act like guests! We mingle, we meet new people.. we hang out, dance, eat cake.. and take pictures of course :]

    Seattle Wedding Photographers

    Bellingham Wedding Photographers

    Leavenworth Wedding Photographers


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    2. Paige Green says:

      oh my goodness. That deer and that dress and those shoes! Not to mention all the great reception details!
      This couple is fabulous and your images are stunning

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    4. Taralynn Dixon says:

      Just have to say I am new to your blog (i have a slight photograph obsession), and you are now one of my top faves! Your style is my kind of perfect :) Love, love, love.

    5. GiGi says:

      The natural light is amazing….LOVE the kissing in the birch trees (I think they are birch)…just beautiful. What a fun day!!! The bride is adorable!

    6. amy says:

      It was soo perfect! Thanks so much for these amazing captures of our day!! We love them

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