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  • Amy + Riley {Warren, PA}

    Wednesday, September 11 | Comments

    This summer we got to take a trip down to Pennsylvania to shoot a family wedding. We normally go every year {other than last year} and it is SO FUN! All of Grayson’s family lives there, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents.. so it’s a good time. They all got to meet Myles for the first time too which was really fun. While we were there we did a little trade/shoot with Grayson’s cousin and his wife.  Riley is an amazing artist so he’s going to do a bit of art for us. We found this big, beautiful, old tree next to the cemetery that we really wanted to shoot at and they were up for it! They were recently married but we couldn’t make it out to their wedding so this was a fun way of making up for it. The shoot itself was cut short {about 20 minutes} when our 2nd spot kicked us out {!!!} then they ran out of gas, haha! We ended up just heading home {after the long battle of actually getting gas in the car… and a Dairy Queen Blizzard for my pregnant self} and playing card games all night, just as fun!!

    IMG_2151 IMG_2238 IMG_2247 IMG_2264 IMG_2625 IMG_2633 IMG_2640 IMG_2671 IMG_2673 IMG_2683 IMG_2697 IMG_2705 IMG_2733 IMG_2738 IMG_2743 IMG_2761 IMG_2774 IMG_2780


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