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  • Amy + Dave. Treehouse Point {Issaquah, WA} Seattle Wedding Photographers/Bellingham Wedding Photographers

    Monday, November 26 | Comments

    Amy + Dave are definitely kids at heart.  And we are too.  So we’re friends.

    Ever since we moved up two states, we heard about this unbelievable place called Treehouse Point.  It’s like treehouses, but on super steroids.  Fully furnished rooms nestled up in the treetops!  We vowed that we were going to shoot there and would do whatever it took to do it.  So when Amy + Dave asked us to shoot their wedding, we practically yelled, “YESSSSSSSSS!”

    Amy and Dave were HEE-LARIOUS. We had such a good time at their wedding, shooting and eating the best fried chicken we’ve ever had.. and pie, oh the pie. Heather locked herself in the bathroom right after a little kid did too. She was in there 10 minutes just knocking on the door yelling before the coordinator found her and jimmied her out with a butcher knife, haha.

    Amy’s wedding gift to Dave.

    A very happy father seeing his daughter as a bride for the first time.

    There were rocks stacked all over the river side.

    taking some time to skip rocks

    A quick hoe down in the forest.

    They had a trick ceremony.  Everyone was ready to go, but no bride + groom.  They had everyone head down to an alternate spot where they were waiting together.  Pretty awesome!

    Amy’s dad read “the little yellow leaf” to everyone.

    They drew names to see which of the guests would be the two witnesses.

    This was the best beverage both of us had ever tasted. It was crushed watermelon over ice.. WHAT?!?

    Love this one

    mmmmmm pie.


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    1. carly says:

      umm holy crap. coolest location ever.

    2. karen says:

      what an amazing wedding – what a beautiful location. cheers to the happy couple!

    3. Sharon S. says:

      Cutest couple ever! The photog did a wonderful job; The look on the groom’s face when he looks at his bride…awesome. And the pic of the bride’s dad when he first sees his daughter in her dress made me tear up. Great pictures, and the wedding looks like a blast. Best of luck to the insanely happy couple; you guys rock.

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    5. I’ve lived here all my life and didn’t know about Treehouse Point until now! Great pics and such a fun couple!

    6. katie says:

      oh my, what an absolutely sweet and beautiful wedding! beautiful couple, gorgeous setting, and lovely little details. they look so very happy.

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