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  • Amanda + Daniel {Las Vegas, NV}

    Tuesday, May 10 | Comments

    First wedding of the yearrrrrr!!!! We got to meet Daniel and Amanda the night before the wedding and they’re the kind of people you are instantly comfortable around. No awkward introductions were needed! These two got married at the Mt. Charleston Lodge in Las Vegas and it was SUCH a nice day!! I got a little worried when we were driving up and there was snow.  We didn’t even bring jackets because we thought it was going to be hot! But it was overly nice that day so all was well.

    The wedding was great, they’re family was awesome. We love weddings where the family does all the details to make it perfect and that’s exactly what this was. The lodge was homey and overlooked the mountains, it was beautiful! The day started off with a missing belt fiasco, but all ended well! She got it in time for the ceremony!  They were SO excited for us to be there and we love that! We cracked up when Daniel was telling us someone asked them how late they were planning on staying at the wedding and he said “well, the photographers are off at 7:00 and there’s really no point in staying if they’re not there, we won’t remember it if there’s no pictures” haha. Good answer!

    So here it is, enjooyyyy!!

    Amanda has Daniel blind fold himself for the first look.

    you can’t tell in the photos, but it took a while to get the bandanna off because he put it on too tight, haha

    Favorite shot of the day!

    gotta love cake in your hair!




    1. kim says:

      I enjoyed all these pictures! very beautiful! It looks like Daniel and Amanda had a wonderful wedding ceremony! Congratulations to the happy couple! great great great work!

    2. brittany says:

      hey! candle wraps! i know those!

    3. Brenda G. says:

      Very beautiful bride, beautiful day, beautiful wedding and beautiful pictures to remember it by (for the groom).

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