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  • Amanda + Braedon {Anacortes Wedding Photographers}

    Tuesday, June 30 | Comments

    Amanda + Braedon capped off a seriously crazy wedding season last year.  It was the perfect way to end too.  They got married at Amanda’s parent’s house in Anacortes, WA and the house was so beautiful.  It was right on the water and had that feel that we are looking for in a home. It was super comfortable and warm and welcoming.  It is truly a place where everyone can enjoy each other.  No wonder that is exactly what this wedding felt like as well.  I don’t think that was coincidental.AB_Ceremony-026 AB_Ceremony-036 AB_Ceremony-047 AB_Ceremony-050 AB_Ceremony-055 AB_Ceremony-063 AB_Ceremony-072 AB_Ceremony-090 AB_Ceremony-107 AB_Ceremony-116 AB_Ceremony-120 AB_Ceremony-121 AB_Ceremony-126 AB_Ceremony-127 AB_Details-005 AB_Details-006 AB_Details-009 AB_Details-014 AB_Details-018 AB_Details-024 AB_Details-026 AB_Details-027 AB_Details-030 AB_Details-033 AB_Details-037 AB_Details-039 AB_Details-043 AB_Details-045 AB_Details-048 AB_FirstLook002 AB_FirstLook006 AB_GettingReady001 AB_GettingReady005 AB_GettingReady023 AB_GettingReady025 AB_GettingReady026 AB_GettingReady027 AB_GettingReady029 AB_GettingReady034 AB_GettingReady035 AB_GettingReady038 AB_GettingReady042 AB_GettingReady048 AB_GettingReady051 AB_GettingReady058 AB_Portrait001 AB_Portrait006 AB_Portrait008 AB_Portrait012 AB_Portrait019 AB_Portrait025 AB_Portrait026 AB_Portrait033 AB_Portrait040 AB_Portrait045 AB_Portrait047 AB_Portrait049 AB_Portrait050 AB_Portrait053 AB_Portrait059 AB_Portrait064 AB_Portrait070 AB_Portrait072 AB_Portrait077 AB_Portrait083 AB_Reception-021 AB_Reception-023 AB_Reception-027 AB_Reception-040 AB_Reception-043 AB_Reception-050 AB_Reception-052 AB_Reception-053 AB_Reception-059 AB_Reception-060 AB_Reception-061 AB_Reception-063 AB_Reception-068

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