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    Monday, November 12 | Comments

    We LOVE Alyssa + Jorel for many reasons.  They are super similar to us in the fact that we all love to go to thrift stores and look for purpose in things deemed to have no value anymore.  We also learned that Alyssa loves to find deals.  Most of the wedding decor was thrifted, made or on sale! Heather and Alyssa are those people who love the deal that they got just as much or more than what they actually bought.  And at the end of the wedding, Alyssa + Jorel asked us if we wanted to take a set of the ceremony backdrop doors home with us!  We were ecstatic because they were amazing.  We loaded the doors up in our civic and hurried off to catch the last ferry of the night back to the mainland.

    Alyssa and Jorel were married at the Red Cedar Farm in Poulsbo, WA.  It was an amazing farm property that was sunny, open and had an amazing barn.  They had a vintage game room with tons of pinball machines and arcade games. The owner has collected antiques of all kinds through out the years and integrated them into the property. Everywhere you looked there was some little gem, we were in heaven!  There was plenty of cornhole boards up and a good time was had by all.


    They collect heart rocks {so do we!!} and she happen to have this giant one {their favorite one} in her purse, haha.

    She has the best skin I’ve ever seen!

    We love new babies. Gray and I went around to everyone with babies and hung out, I think we missed Myles, haha.

    Family sing along

    In the middle of the speeches Alyssa got up said “I’m so sorry, but I have my favorite photographers and it’s golden hour and we can’t miss it! We will be right back!”, haha. That’s dedication.

    A local donkey was curious

    After a while the donkey started giving me the stink eye, maybe because I was holding a big black thing and hiding in the grass in crouching position… at one point all three of us darted away… from a donkey… haha




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    2. Debbie says:

      Cherished memories were made, thank you for capturing them.

    3. Jessica says:

      Absolutely stunning. It made me tear up and I was there that day. You guys did a wonderful job capturing all the little moments. Even my son and I rolling in the grass. Beautiful work and you are right, they are an amazing couple. Love them to pieces.

    4. Alyssa says:

      You two are amazing! Don’t ever stop taking pictures :) We love ours SO much XOXO

    5. What a beautiful couple and gorgeous wedding venue! Love the photos (and that donkey is fantastic!)!

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