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    Wednesday, October 12 | Comments

    So Alisa and Trey had a different kind of wedding. The kind that didn’t involve anyone but them, us and a random officiant. They are from Georgia {and have cute little accents to go with it} but while planning a wedding decided it was just too much to do! So they decided to head down to Portland and get married on the coast of Oregon.. Why? Because they like it there!

    So we made the 5 hour trek down to Portland one morning and met them at the Ace Hotel downtown and started shooting. We shot for a couple hours around this awesome hotel then headed out to the coast. We all jumped in their car, made a Jack in the Box run {for very hungry, preggo me} ate a bunch of food and talked about music for this 2 hour drive. It was seriously amazing that Trey knew EVERY band I listed, even the small underground ones! It became this challenge to find a band he hadn’t heard of and I only found one.

    So it was foggy and misty out in Ecola State Park then the joke of Twilight surfaced, that Alisa loved it and wanted to take “Twilight like pictures” haha. We just wished we had some glitter to throw on Trey while he stood half naked in the woods. He even showed us his “vampire face” .. where’s the glitter when you need it!

    So a huge fog bank started to roll in and  they got married on this beautiful outlook overlooking the ocean with only us to witness and shoot it. We even had to sign their marriage license! This is the 2nd time we’ve had to do that and it’s so much fun!!!

    So they were married and we just kept shooting, the light was gorgeous and we all had fun… Jow the officiant came with us to shoot, haha. We even saw some elk roaming around! After all that we jumped back in the car and drove back to Portland, starving and sleepy we walked to Deschutes Brewery at like 10 or 11pm and got some food and beer {no beer for me}… and that was the story of their wedding day!

    Trey claimed this was our payback for making us drive 5 hours to get to them… haha

    sassy Trey….

    So we drove to Ecola State Park and met this guy, Joe, in the parking lot.. Alisa ran in the bathroom to put her dress back on and then we got started. Joe was so funny, just this random guy, a slight hippy… marrying them on a spot they chose when we got there.

    Making it official!!!

    I love the lighting on this shot.

    One of my favorite shots of the day… maybe just my favorite! Look at that lighting!!!

    THIS is what I was shooting when Grayson took that photo of me and stuck it on the blog that looked like I was sleeping int he woods in front of a couple! SEE!!

    Ok, I HAD to put this photo in {Sorry Alisa}. We were trying to get them into this position and she did NOT understand what we were asking her to do, this is what came out of it and we couldn’t stop laughing.. It took a good 5 minuted to re cooperate enough to keep shooting.

    THIS is what I was trying to get them to do.

    Alisa said Trey had been looking at GQ magazine so he’d know how to look in photos, haha… oh boys!

    Their “Twilight” shot! haha

    We found a giant “beetle crab” in the sand here…. so weird.

    I love this shot too.

    Trey was super into filming the day with his Flip. No one else is there to do it so someone has to!

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    1. Arsh says:

      Incredible photos! Seriously you guys are a rockin’ talented pair! Can’t wait to see my photos :) !

    2. Lydia says:

      W.O.W. These are GORGEOUS.
      Totally speachless.
      My socks have been rocked.
      My mind officially blown.

    3. Brenda Glasby says:

      As I scrolled thru these AMAZING pictures I just kept saying, “WOW”!!! The bride is so beautiful and yes the groom so GQ! Gown….INCREDIBLE! An amazing shoot for sure…

    4. kimberly olsen says:

      these pictures are so gorgeous!!

    5. NaNa says:

      What an awesome couple!!!! So glad they had awesome photographers!!!!!!!

    6. maiko says:

      you guys are magic.

    7. Emily says:

      Gorgeous! And those are totally the rocks from the Goonies aren’t they??!?!

    8. April P. says:

      Oh. My. Goodness!!! AMAZING!!!!!! I have been waiting for this shoot since you told me you booked it!! You guys have really set the bar high for other photogs. I wish that all of my clients would book you. AHHHHHMAZING!

    9. Tricia says:

      Wow–you guys are amazing!!!!! Love the non-traditionalness of this wedding and all the different poses…what a beautiful couple!!

    10. Stephanie says:

      I LOVE this. So sweet. I love that it was JUST them, and they have all these amazing photos you took to document it. So personal and perfect! Great Work!

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