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  • Alex + Emily {Salisbury, MA}

    Sunday, August 26 | Comments

    Where do we start with this wedding? We had the best time ever shooting for this couple. They booked us forever ago; before we were even pregnant! So we hopped on a plan and flew to the amazingly beautiful state of Massachusetts {we love, love the east coast} and had the best time. Our hotel was in New Hampshire so before the wedding we drove around the tiny town of Exeter. I guess that it is known for it’s awesome antiques and what not.  So… what else could we do but go to garage sales, antique stores and thrift stores… we’re junkies.  Talked to some really great people and got some awesome stuff, shoved it in a bag and took it home! So we get to this wedding and already there are super tasty cookies lying around waiting to be eaten, and we did. The whole day was just perfect.

    You all know how we feel about backyard weddings… So we were right at home! They got married at Alex’s parents home, the home he grew up in. It was this big property with a beautiful house on it and I can only imagine growing up here. Woods all around, a farm next door where Alex used to go watch baby animals be born {Emily got a kick out of that}. They both cried during the ceremony, which we love. Had an awesome live folk band with a washboard and a tuba {WHAT?!}. Had a big beer truck, hotdogs and hamburgers… all the best stuff. We made some friends, were treated as if we were guests, and were eaten alive by east coast bugs. I counted my bug bites when we got home, there were over 70!! We talked a lot about instagram with Emily + Alex, haha.

    When it came time to leave we went to say goodbye {we had to get up at 4am for our flight back home to Myles!} and she said “noooo, not yet. You need to put your cameras down and stay and dance”. We decided this was a good idea and we stayed and had the best sing along to Queen I’ve ever had. Everyone sang and air guitared their little hearts out, it was our cup of tea. About a half hour we said we had to go… “no, not yet”, so we danced some more, haha. By the time we left it was nearly midnight and she ran out in the dark to say goodbye again “I feel like I haven’t properly said goodbye” and gave us a kiss on the cheek! haha we were cracking up. We vowed to hang out some time {and we are staying with them in 2 weeks for a wedding!, woo hooooo!!} Got about 4 hours asleep and headed home! Such a good wedding!!!!!

    I will warn you, there are a million photos in this post.

    Emily was a big fan of this face, hahaha. We loved it.

    crying bridesmaids!

    Their ceremony was centered around this book “The Dot and the Line”. They had each bridal party member read a line from it and had everyone play little kazoos and horns while they came back down the aisle.

    That is one snazzy groom.

    They got tattoos for each other!

    The wedding party pulled up in this school bus so we took advantage!

    haha this garland kept flicking up and tickling them.

    beer truck!!!

    Oh sisters….


    We went out during the reception and shot a little more in the nice light. How could you pass up light like this?!!?

    pot luck dessert bars are the best… ever.

    Our new buddies

    There was this dance they did at every wedding and everyone knew it! It was to Lady Gaga… haha


    We have to end on this little gem.





    1. Brenda Glasby says:

      This wedding has left me teary eyed! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happier bride (and sister…ha) and so many happy people. Looks like a BLAST…wish I had been there! Love the simplicity yet so beautiful….well done Gray & Heather for capturing their day so beautifully. Love it all!!!

    2. Hela says:

      These are simply breathtaking! You captured the images of Alex and Emily that were etched on my heart that day.

    3. kim says:

      eeeek! i am loving their tattoos. and all the photos are gorgeous. what a stylish couple!

    4. Emily says:

      These will be the first words of many I will say about these photos… It’s 4 in the morning and I was woken with a text from a friend “your photos are up!” I am so glad I didn’t resist the urge to go back to sleep! You captured my every wish of this day so completely. I am humbled.

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