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    Friday, November 20 | Comments

    Remember these guys? Patrick and Myesa Nichole are so awesome, we still keep in touch via Facebook (with Tbone too). They wrote us a really nice thank you note a while back and I decided to post it! I know, I know, there hasn’t been many news posts! We had a big busy time and now it’s our well needed down time. We’ve just been enjoying our free time and i picked up crocheting.. that’s right, I’m a scarf making maniac! But soon there will be a post of our new Ferretssssss!!!

    “Hey Heather and Grayson,I just wanted to thank you very much for yesterday, not only for being the Witnesses at our Wedding, but for making the day special for the both of us as well. We enjoyed the time spent with you both taking photos from the wedding all the way down to Laguna Beach. You both made our first afternoon as Husband and Wife enjoyable, even Tbone seemed to miss the camera once home. And a special thanks to Grayson for carting Tbone around in his arms all afternoon although i don’t think he (or Tbone) minded that one bit. You both made the afternoon easy and fun, we really enjoyed the day immensely and we owe you a special thanks for that. We can’t wait for the pictures and are very happy we chose you both for our special day. Thanks for everything – we also really enjoyed having you both there. It makes it special in a way which we are both glad we get to tell our children about. How we spent our first hours together as husband and wife with our 2 photographers, couldn’t have picked a nicer couple to have there on our special day. You both truly are great people, and FUN. We had an absolute ball shooting with you and Tbone. Thanks very much!”
    -Patrick and Myesa Nichole Mahoney (and Tbone “Mignon Le Fluer” Mahoney) June 22, 2009




    I… love.. Tbone {and his stinkin cute little bangs}


    1. Chloe says:

      Nice use of balloons-I love them with the TS-looks great!

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