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  • A little fall baby named Autumn {Bellingham Newborn Photographer}

    Thursday, October 16 | Comments

    Some of our favorite people finally had another baby! Remember Jessica from the river maternity shoot? Well here’s the result! Her name is Autum and she’s a-dor-able! This shoot took 2 days because that baby just didn’t want to sleep when it came time to take some photos, something about my house was just too exciting, haha. Good thing I like hanging out with her :] I really wanted to use all of our pumpkins and it gave me an excuse to go pick out even MORE pumpkins! I seriously just love photographing brand new babies, really just any baby. I love babies!! haha. There’s something so new and exciting about someone who just came into this world. I love their fuzzy skin, their peely feet, their tiny bellies, their wild faces and their over the top baby yawns. All of it. So enjoy this one, she’s a keeper :] This first one is of their sweet daughter River with the new littlest.

    Bellingham Newborn001 Bellingham Newborn002Bellingham Newborn005Bellingham Newborn003 Bellingham Newborn004 Bellingham Newborn006 Bellingham Newborn007 Bellingham Newborn009Bellingham Newborn008Bellingham Newborn010 Bellingham Newborn011 Bellingham Newborn012 Bellingham Newborn013 Bellingham Newborn014 Bellingham Newborn017Bellingham Newborn016 Bellingham Newborn018 Bellingham Newborn020 Bellingham Newborn021 Pumpkin newborn001 Pumpkin newborn002 Pumpkin newborn004Pumpkin newborn003 Pumpkin newborn006 Pumpkin newborn007 Pumpkin newborn005Pumpkin newborn008

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    1. Natalie says:

      Absolutely beautiful XX

    2. Jessica says:

      You are the most talented lady friend I know! Love you so dearly! Thank you thank you again:)
      I want to print every image!

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