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    Tuesday, June 26 | Comments

    We are almost home! After over 5 weeks here in California we’re headed back today and we’re ready! We LOVE love love being here with Gray’s family and spending time with all our friends down here, but I miss walking through the woods with Gray and Myles every morning.

    So here’s the plan:  we get home, we’re home for 2 days then we’re off to Massachusetts to shoot another wedding! We’ll get home and will more than likely leave our giant suitcase full of clothes for weeks and just pick out what we need… it’s just what we do. Why unpack the whole thing when we could just pick through a giant box of clothes? We don’t have time to hang things up, haha.

    So here’s a little preview of a family shoot we did for our really good friends Ryan and Danielle {and our God son Wyatt!}. Just something to hold you over until we get the huge load of editing done we have waiting for us!! So to come… 3 weddings, 2 engagement shoots and this family shoot. So stay tuned!!


    1. Emily says:

      Yay! Massachusetts Wedding!!!!

    2. Heather says:


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