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  • A.J. + Brittany {Newport Beach}

    Sunday, May 30 | Comments

    A couple of weeks ago we had the chance to come back to CA for a couple shoots and A.J. + Brittany’s engagement was one of them!  A.J. + Brittany actually live in Arizona and just love coming to the beach for vacation and chose to get married here.  We checked out their venue while we were there and we are super excited to be shooting their wedding in October.  We had a lot of laughs and fun with some cotton candy, especially when we realized how awkward it is to eat ice cream on camera!  So you’ll be seeing more of them later on in the year, here is their shoot!!

    some random girl walking by gave me a nice opportunity to get this shot! convenient :]


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    2. Tracey Hedge says:

      Ahh..i just love this set…simple and loving!!

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    4. R&LGreat says:

      what amazing pictures! I cannot wait to see the wedding:)

    5. April says:

      pretty pretty pretty.

    6. JaggerStalker says:

      Which beach was this? I likey…The lines and the sunlit backgrounds are great! I think my favorite are the ice cream cones series. (clue: this is Tasha)

    7. Oh my…. The picture you two take are amazing! Inspiring, I love it!
      Thanks for sharing it…
      Jasper Lensselink (The Netherlands)

    8. briony says:

      these are lovely. what a fun day :)

    9. shannon says:

      I really love the feel of all these pictures. The colors. The beach. Sunglasses. Yes, and I do have a secret crush on ferris wheels. So great you guys!

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