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  • Malia + Emil- Santa Barbara Vow Renewal {Bellingham Wedding Photographer}

    Tuesday, July 11 | Comments

    Malia and Emil!!! This is our second time shooting them and they’re the coolest! These two have been married for 7 years but they never got the whole “wedding” experience.. so why not now?? They renewed their vows on the beautiful beach of Santa Barbara. It was a perfect day, warm and breezy. They had all their favorite people who’ve supported them through the past 7 years were there to watch them walk down the isle, put on a beautiful flowing dress and cry and giggle through their whole adorable ceremony. Her dad sang her down the isle and they both just cried and cried, it was perfect. It was so sweet watching these two still be so in love with each other after 7 years. We loved every second of it!

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    We all rode to the beach on the cutest trolley!Santa Barbara wedding-033 Santa Barbara wedding-034 Santa Barbara wedding-035 Santa Barbara wedding-036 Santa Barbara wedding-037 Santa Barbara wedding-038 Santa Barbara wedding-039 Santa Barbara wedding-041 Santa Barbara wedding-040 Santa Barbara wedding-044 Santa Barbara wedding-043 Santa Barbara wedding-042Santa Barbara wedding-045 Santa Barbara wedding-046Santa Barbara wedding-047Santa Barbara wedding-048 Santa Barbara wedding-049 ME_Portrait-042 ME_Portrait-047ME_Portrait-062 ME_Portrait-055 ME_Portrait-064 ME_Portrait-065 ME_Portrait-072Santa Barbara wedding-057ME_Ceremony-133 Santa Barbara wedding-058 Santa Barbara wedding-059 Santa Barbara wedding-060 Santa Barbara wedding-061 Santa Barbara wedding-062  Santa Barbara wedding-064Santa Barbara wedding-063 Santa Barbara wedding-065 Santa Barbara wedding-066 Santa Barbara wedding-067 Santa Barbara wedding-068 Santa Barbara wedding-069 Santa Barbara wedding-070 Santa Barbara wedding-071 Santa Barbara wedding-072 Santa Barbara wedding-073 Santa Barbara wedding-075 Santa Barbara wedding-076 Santa Barbara wedding-077 Santa Barbara wedding-078 Santa Barbara wedding-079 Santa Barbara wedding-080 Santa Barbara wedding-081 Santa Barbara wedding-082

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