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  • January, 2018

    Our lives in 2017! {Bellingham Family Photographer}

    Tuesday, January 9

    We used to do a lot more posts about our lives but somehow that dwindled off, I think I'll start bringing more of us back into the blog. . So maybe I'll start with a re-introduction of ourselves. As you know, we are Heather and Grayson Glasby. We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and moved here about 8.5 years... MORE...

    Best of 2017 Familes {Bellingham Family Photographer}

    Tuesday, January 2

    I've photographed more families this year than any other year before and it was amazing. I get asked a lot if I ever get sick of photographing the same thing year after year, but to be honest, I really don't. I don't feel like I shoot the same thing even twice. It's always a different family, a different baby, a... MORE...