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  • September, 2015

    Miles + Farah- Ft. Lauderdale Wedding {Seattle Wedding Photographers}

    Wednesday, September 30

    Somehow this little beauty of a wedding slipped past a blog post until now. Miles and Farah were one of our favorite couples of the year! We flew to Florida last November to photograph these two amazing people getting married in her home town of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida! We also took an extra day to sit and relax on the... MORE...

    Lindsey + Jarded- engaged! {Bellingham Wedding Photographers}

    Saturday, September 26

    This lovely little session slipped through our fingers on the blog, so here it is now! Lindsey and Jared raveled up to our beautiful town of Bellingham, WA for this shoot! They asked if we had a canoe to which I replied "heck yah we do!".. Sir Grizwald is his name and we love finding any excuse to shoot with... MORE...