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  • May, 2015

    Chateau St. Michelle engagement shoot {Seattle Wedding Photographer}

    Sunday, May 31

    We photographed this lovely couple last week at Chateau St. Michelle in Woodinville, WA- it was lovely! We were a little worried it would be a challenge because they needed to shoot in the middle of the day, but it worked out just fine! These adorable people are from live in San Fransisco but came down to meet up... MORE...

    Our everyday from April to May!

    Saturday, May 30

    We've had a wild past few months with selling our house and trying to buy another one. Holy smokes.. it's been a roller coaster like no other. But I felt it was due time for a blog post just because. Our home is a happy place, full of color, loud children, messes, naps, clean and dirty laundry, vegetable gardens, dishes... MORE...

    Blake + Arianne- Tree House Point Elopement {Seattle Wedding Photographers}

    Thursday, May 21

    We always get super excited when we get to shoot at venues we loooovvveee and this place is definitely one of them! Have you ever seen the show "Treehouse Masters"? Well it's one of our whole family's favorites, we watch it all the time. So Pete Nelson- the tree house master- build this place! This is our 3rd time... MORE...

    Danielle + Chic- engaged {Bellingham Wedding Photographers}

    Saturday, May 9

    Engagement shoots are always fun because there's so little pressure! No one telling you "10 minutes left!" or family jumping in to say hello.. just us and them and the freedom to shoot wherever we want for as long as we want! Danielle and Chic are an adorable young couple from Bellingham and were so clearly in love and overjoyed... MORE...

    Taryn + Taylor – Sodo Park, Seattle {Seattle Wedding Photographers}

    Saturday, May 2

    Taryn and Taylor were a party and a half... this wedding was so fun! Since we moved to Washington we've always wanted to shoot at Sodo Park in Seattle and we're so glad we got to shoot an awesome couple there. This place was so unique and beautiful, the couple was happy and so so excited.. doesn't get much... MORE...