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  • April, 2014

    Baby Lillooet Grace {Bellingham Newborn Photographer}

    Tuesday, April 22

    I first asked Andi about shooting her births when she was about 7 month pregnant and she said "people do that?!?"... pretty much the reaction I thought she'd have, haha. Then I got a very unexpected text basically saying they decided they wanted to have me shoot the birth at the Bellingham Birth Center and she's 3 days over... MORE...

    The birth of Edward {Bellingham Birth Photographer}

    Saturday, April 12

    This post is late, but I still wanted to blog it. This was probably the best thing I've ever shot in my life, as far as the experience goes. My friend Megan and I talked about me photographing her home birth and I was so SO excited. She was due mid January but baby Edward had other plans. She called... MORE...

    Farewell March

    Tuesday, April 8

    It is truly astonishing how fast this year has been going. With both of my pregnancies the main thing strangers would stop us to say is how fast it will go. They would tell us how old their kids are now, usually in their 20s. They would say it all the time when Myles was a baby, stopping to get... MORE...