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  • November, 2013

    Carrie + Pat {Port Angeles, WA} Seattle Wedding Photographers

    Saturday, November 16

    We arrived at Carrie + Pat's wedding thinking that we had seen it all.  As you will soon see, we were clearly mistaken.  We strolled into Nature Bridge and quickly were confused.  There were kids decorating hula hoops, flying kites, playing lawn games and splashing in the lake.  We checked the address and saw that we were in the... MORE...

    Yoddle Aye Heee Whoooooooo

    Saturday, November 2

    Happy Halloween folks! Well, a few days ago anyway. I seriously love Halloween since having Myles. This year was SO much fun! He mostly understood what was going on and loved getting to pick a piece of candy from each bowl {he took his sweet time at every bowl}. This year he was our little swiss boy in Grayson's old lederhosen... MORE...