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  • September, 2013

    Truckin along, waiting for baby

    Monday, September 30

    Well I thought I'd give a little pregnancy update since we've been too busy to post about it much! I'm 34 weeks along now and things are going smoothly. We're just counting down week by week to some mystery date, whenever she decides to show up! Really, I'm in no rush. I really love being pregnant and the first few... MORE...

    Eunice + Marcelino {Los Angeles, CA} Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

    Friday, September 27

    We shot this wedding a little while back and it was just awesome. More traditional than our usual shindigs but that's ok!  They were married right smack in the middle of LA. The day started off right when we got out of the car and found $40 on the ground and no one around to claim it, wooooooo! Only in... MORE...


    Tuesday, September 17

    This Spring we had the awesome chance to go on a big family trip to Belize, thanks to Grayson's amazing parents. His aunt and uncle own two homes on the beach down there and all of the cousins were coming for a big trip. We have never been and we were SO SO excited. We also had the joy of... MORE...

    Amy + Riley {Warren, PA}

    Wednesday, September 11

    This summer we got to take a trip down to Pennsylvania to shoot a family wedding. We normally go every year {other than last year} and it is SO FUN! All of Grayson's family lives there, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents.. so it's a good time. They all got to meet Myles for the first time too which was really... MORE...

    Welcome baby Mila {Hayden, ID}

    Wednesday, September 4

    A few weeks back we got to take a little family road trip over to Hayden, ID to meet my cousins new baby, Mila. That baby is SO CUTE!! We spent a handful of days playing on the lake with our family. My parents drove out, so did my Aunt and Uncle's family from Boston. It was a little mini... MORE...