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  • February, 2013

    A bun in the oven

    Monday, February 25

    April and Jason are pregnant!!!! These two have been my friends for years and years. I met April at a dance club when we were 19, our eyes met across the dance floor.. hahaha. We got to shoot their engagement and  I was a brides maid in their wedding {as she was in mine}. AAANNDD they met at our wedding!!!... MORE...

    The Smiths {+1}

    Friday, February 15

    I met the Smith's long, long ago back when we were all wee teens at a bible study. Aaron and I were good friends and Jen and I took some college classes together. A while later, Jen Smith and Aaron Smith got married.. making a new and improved bunch of Smiths! I even shot their wedding years ago!! Now they... MORE...

    Ross + Veronica {Olypmia, WA} Seattle Wedding Photographers

    Thursday, February 7

    We made the beautiful 3 hour drive to this wedding and pulled up to Albbee's Garden in what seemed to be the middle of no where. We got out of our car and were instantly greeted by Veronica in her pajamas holding a big paper bag full of sunglasses. First, she gave us each a pair of their custom... MORE...