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  • December, 2012

    Ryan + Danielle {preggers… again}

    Saturday, December 29

    Ryan and Danielle are really good friends of ours who I met them when I was in my early 20's. I've had the privilege of shooting their engagement shoot, wedding, pregnancy with Wyatt and now pregnancy with little Adeline! Danielle was even a bridesmaid in my wedding! I'm so excited they are making another baby!! Their first son, Wyatt, is... MORE...

    Merry Christmas little elves!

    Tuesday, December 25

    It's that time of year again! Time for us to think of this years Christmas card, and this year was a doozie. We decided to have two sides. One "normal side" with that cute baby we made.... And the awesome side.... this little gem of awesomeness. Your welcome. Merry Christmas!!!!! We hope you enjoy your time off and eat lots... MORE...

    Mitch + Michelle take over Hollywood

    Thursday, December 13

    Mitch + Michelle definitely stretched our comfort zone as far as shooting style.  They envisioned more of a fashion feel and we LOVE when couples are close and intimate.  We made it work though!  We definitely had a blast running around Hollywood with Mich + Michelle.  We visited the Jonathan Adler store, Melrose Place, as well as Mitch +... MORE...

    Myles is a big fat ONE!!!!

    Sunday, December 9

    We just celebrated Myles' first birthday, I can't believe it's already here. It didn't go fast, or slow, which was nice. It's been so amazing and different having a baby around. Our sense of "normal" is totally different now. We used to do what we wanted on a whim, going to get food or running to the store,  now leaving... MORE...