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  • September, 2012

    Jenny + Granite {Seattle, WA} Seattle Wedding Photographers/Bellingham Wedding Photographers

    Saturday, September 29

    We met Jenny + Granite at a wedding we shot in 2010.  She told us that she was pretty sure that Granite would pop the question soon and that we needed be ready for a phone call :]  It was a couple years later, but totally worth the wait. We got to shoot Jenny and Granite's wedding in dowtown... MORE...

    Nice things to say

    Monday, September 24

    I just have to show post this amazingly sweet review Emily and Alex {from the Massachusetts wedding we shot this summer} posted. It's so amazing and humbling to hear how much they really loved the photos and the experience. Thank you for this guys! We put so much effort into out images and it's so, so nice to know that... MORE...

    Stefan + Audrey {Bellingham, WA}

    Friday, September 21

    Stefan emailed us a while back asking us to do an anniversary shoot for him and his wife of 3 years Audrey. Our first actual locals!!! He said she is always saying how she wishes she would have known about us when they got married so we could have shot their wedding. So this was his surprise to her! That's... MORE...

    Josh + Erin {engaged Bellingham, WA}

    Friday, September 14

    Erin and Josh drove 5 hours for this shoot from Portland, OR. We were so excited to shoot them and get a chance to shoot where we live! We hardly ever get to shoot around here, we're always near Seattle, Southern WA, California or some other random place! So it was a good time. We took them to some of... MORE...

    Andrew + Amy {Leavenworth, WA} Seattle Wedding Photographers/Bellingham Wedding Photographers

    Monday, September 3

    Finally some weddings in Washington! As you may know, we live in Washington. But we don't shoot here a ton, we'd love to shoot here more though! {Wink Wink!}. The nice thing too about shooting around here is we get to see different parts of the place we call home. Leavenworth is a small "German/Dutch" mountain town. It's amazingly cute... MORE...