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  • July, 2012

    Christine + Grady {Terrace, CA}

    Tuesday, July 24

    Meet Christine and Grady! These two got married at this awesome equestrian center called Middle Ranch out near LA! The most ridiculous part of the day was when I put my foot in my mouth, as I tend to do. I swear I'm dyslexic {although this isn't dyslexia, just stupidity, haha}. We were all joking about spanx {girls, don't... MORE...

    The joys of Instagram

    Tuesday, July 17

    We haven't had a ton of time to post personal photos, but we post a ton of them on Instagram. It's by far the best app the iphone has to offer, we love it! We've met some great people through it too, who would have thought! On a side note, we are so blessed and lucky to have the job... MORE...

    Olive + Nathan {engaged}

    Saturday, July 14

    You will never meet two happier and gigglier people than Olive and Nathan! These two were so fun to shoot, constant laughing which is perfect for us! They're getting married on a cruise ship so we wont be able to shoot their wedding day. But they wanted to do a travel themed engagement shoot instead! We had so much fun... MORE...

    Ben + Mimi {all that is crafty in Charlotte, NC}

    Friday, July 6

    Remember Mimi and Ben? He was the one who wrote us this amazing letter telling us how badly his fiance Mimi wanted us to shoot their wedding, and that he loved her so much he wanted her to have what would make her happy. They were THE sweetest couple!! We jumped on a plane and flew out to North Carolina... MORE...