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  • December, 2011

    {Sharon + Jason… and the desert} Orange County Wedding Photographers

    Monday, December 26

    Sharon + Jason are brave... or cold blooded, we haven't decided yet.  Either way, they had their awesome wedding in Palm Springs... in the summer!  And you know what, we loved it.  Maybe not the heat (our cameras certainly didn't like the heat), but the wedding was amazing!  It was 114 degrees outside {no, not kidding}. They got married at... MORE...

    Meet Profusser Myles…. Born with a doctorate in cutness.

    Monday, December 19

    Oh man....  I've been so eager to do this blog post but I've been SO TIRED for the past week and a half that it's taken until now. I'm sure you understand :] So... Myles is hereeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! We have been waiting and waiting for 10 months and he's here!! He came 5 days late, on December 8th and it's... MORE...

    Kat + Drew {Chehalis, WA} Seattle Wedding Photographers/Bellingham Wedding Photographers

    Saturday, December 17

    After a wedding in HOT Palm Springs (114 degrees!), we drove to the airport and headed to Seattle for Kat + Drew's wedding.  They got married at Red Barn Studios in Chehalis, WA and it couldn't have been a more beautiful day.  We were only there for 4 hours, so it was super laid back and fun.  No rush... MORE...

    Lauren + Brandn {without an O} Engaged

    Monday, December 12

    Boom Baby!  Love Lauren + Brandn!  We had such a great time hanging out and scrambling to avoiding the parking lot security guard who considered us a great threat.  It was like a giant game of hide and seek while taking pictures, hiding from the mall cop and his little white cart... sort of an add shot of adrenaline!  Super... MORE...

    Lindsay + Mitch {Nisqually, WA} Seattle Wedding Photographers/Bellingham Wedding Photographers

    Sunday, December 4

    Lindsay + Mitch are some of the most original people that we have ever met!  Nothing about their wedding day was anything close to traditional.  They knew exactly what they wanted to do and then did it.  You will see exactly what we mean as you scroll down.  Pure awesomeness! The masks even got the invite to the wedding {from... MORE...