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  • April, 2011

    Design Aglow + Jagger + looooovveee

    Friday, April 22

    So this post is more for the photographers that love to watch our blog. I don't know how much you know about Design Aglow, but they're awesome! They asked the other day to use some of our images for a new brochure they're coming out with, and it's amazing!!! I've been looking at their marketing... MORE...

    woo hooo!!!

    Wednesday, April 20

    Boom baby! This was a nice surprise today! MORE...

    Mitch + Lindsay {Seattle, WA}

    Friday, April 15

    We've broken the silence!!!! Our break is officially over! It was nice but honestly, we got a little antsy not shooting that long.  Maybe 4 months was too long, next year it will be shorter for all our sakes. Thanks for being patient with the blog and still coming back to see what was new. It was nice seeing that... MORE...

    everyone wears a mask… {animal style!}

    Saturday, April 9

    We have heard people say that everyone wears a mask... but we have come to see that some people wear them for different reasons. Mitch and Lindsay, thanks for being who you are... we like you.  Can't wait to bust those masks out again with the formal... MORE...