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  • March, 2011


    Tuesday, March 29

    We have lived in WA for a while now, but have never done all the stuff that touristy people do.  We have been wanting to go to the Aquarium for a super long time now and finally found some time to go.  We planned on going  for my birthday (October), but finally did it in March!  It was a pretty... MORE...

    Happy Friday! Be glad and Smile!

    Friday, March 25

    Happy Friday to everyone out there!  Our best ideas for having an awesome day... -Music is awesome.  Listen! -The sun is shining... take a walk.  (if you are at work... walk and eat your lunch) -Remember that you are loved! (Tell people you love them) -Don't take things for granted. (If you hate your job, be thankful you have one.  A lot of people... MORE...


    Saturday, March 19

    We had some extra time on the blog so I figured we'd show you one of our albums! Evita and Jon wrote and said they wanted to order a wedding album {because they're awesome} and this is what it looked like! This one was a 9x12 album with some extra spreads {26 to be exact!} So take a look!   MORE...

    St. Louis {land of the awesome}

    Sunday, March 13

    Gray and I got to do a wedding in Missouri {Sarah + Kyle's} and we had an extra day to drive down to St. Louis and see what it had to offer! We got some suggestions and went to the City Museum... holy... moly.. this place was pure glory, it was stinkin awesome. It was an old shoe factory... MORE...

    Reading is FUN! {stop motion goodness}

    Tuesday, March 8

    Kids... stay in school because this is what happens when you read when you are a grown up! {p.s: it may need to load a second... so be patient!} Our trusty friends Mike + Roya.  We had some extra time when we were in Chicago with them, so we thought that we would do a long awaited experiment. Hypothesis:  Making this... MORE...