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  • February, 2011

    New England Gala Magazine babbyyyy!

    Monday, February 28

    We looveeee seeing our photos featured in magazines, so we like to show them off! Gala magazine asked us if they could use some of our images and we, of course, said yes! woo hoo!!! MORE...

    Mike + Roya {the gnome and the squirel}

    Tuesday, February 22

    Let me start off by saying that Mike and Roya are some of our favorite people in the world, we absolutely love these people! I met these two balls of awesome right after {or before??} I graduated high school. Roya and I were always the photo nerds and Mike was the guy in all the bands, haha. Roya and I... MORE...

    Brandon + Brittany {Enaged!!! Yorba Linda, CA}

    Tuesday, February 15

    Brandon and Brittany!!!!!!! We LOVEEEDDDD shooting these two! I've know Brandon since I was 16 or 17, back then he was "Gootie" we spent most my late teen age years with our weirdly large group of close friends hanging out at parks late at night {and actually being good}, going to shows every weekend and eating free crackers and ranch... MORE...

    Happy {soon to be} lovely love day!

    Friday, February 11

    I was wandering about the world of Design Sponge again and..well, first.. if you haven't seen this blog, you need to, it's amazing. Grayson and I live on this blog and find cute ideas to do around the house. I have always loved their Valentines Day ideas so I thought I'd post some of my favorites just in case... MORE...

    {The rain threatened, but surrendered to Jon + Evita’s awesomeness!} Fallbrook, CA

    Sunday, February 6

    We booked Jon + Evita a while back solely based on the fact that they were awesome! This was our true finale to 2010, the last wedding of the crazy amazing year we had! WHAT A YEAR!! The sky was not our friend that day but held off long enough to get through the photos and the ceremony! Woo hoo! Also,... MORE...

    Pure adorablness {Petit Collage}

    Tuesday, February 1

    So I'm throwing my friend Rachel a baby shower and was looking around for ideas. That always leads from one blog, to another, to another until I have no idea how I got where I am.. But I am SO glad I got there! I found Petit Collage these prints on wood and when I saw this first one... MORE...