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  • January, 2011

    The 1st annual {for lack of a cooler name} Floppy awards

    Saturday, January 29

    We see a lot of funny/awesome/ridiculous things at wedding and thought they should be known! So we thought they should be rewarded for their outstandingness via our blog! We've decided to give out awards, not real ones but fake ones on our handy dandy blog :] So... with out further adieu... uuuh ummm {throat clearing}... the awards! And if... MORE...

    Best of 2010!!!!

    Saturday, January 22

    We should really call this post "favorite of 2010"! Ok, you have NO idea how hard it is to pick out our favorite images from 35 weddings! To narrow that down is ridiculously hard, so we did our best! We started doing this in 2009 {Best of 2009} and it was equally as difficult! We are jamming all of... MORE...

    Jamie + Able {Los Angeles, CA}

    Saturday, January 15

    You may remember Jamie and Able from their engagement shoot at the Pasadena Architectural Salvage. Well now you'll remember them from their wedding! Their wedding was classy central! There was nothing overlooked, it was beautiful everywhere you looked and SO well done! They had the help of the awesome Lina Wallace of A Stunning Affair who we've had... MORE...

    Beth + Kevin {Seattleeeeeeee!!}

    Saturday, January 8

    Finallyyyy!! This was the one and ONLY wedding of 2010 that we got to drive to that day, and drive home from THAT DAY! It was awesome! Normally we drive to Seattle, hop on a plane, check into a hotel, shoot, fly out the next day or so.. lots of traveling. But it was great having a little break and... MORE...

    top 10 babyyyyyyy!!

    Tuesday, January 4

    As you know, the entire wedding world is wedding blogs! And we were pretty excited to find out that we got the first wedding on the list of Top 10 Weddings of the Year on LaBelle Bride! THENNNNN, we were on there again! We were lucky enough to be chosen for 2 of the top 10 weddings! Woo hoo!!! First... MORE...

    Bellingham wedding expo!

    Monday, January 3

    For those of you around our area, there is going to be a Bridal Expo coming up! But lets be honest...I'm MOSTLY posting this because that's our photo!!! Alicia's Bridal sent out a competition to chose a photo to run in all their adds, banners, posters and what not.. we got it! Boooomm babbbyyy {as Grayson would say}. We decided... MORE...