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  • October, 2010

    Halloween time babbyyyyy!!!!

    Sunday, October 31

    It's pumpkin carving time!!! We were down in CA for April and Jason' wedding, I was IN the wedding this time, we didn't have to shoot!!!!! Thought we'd use the time to get some good pumpkin carving time in. It was quite the ordeal trying to figure out what to carve, it's important!! Grayson just snazzed up his usual wolf.... MORE...


    Wednesday, October 27

    Every day at 10:17 {sometimes twice a day} we yell "10:17" and high five. Mostly because Grayson loves to acknowledge his birthday, partly because we just love to high five. Grayson's birthday was last week, woooooooo!!! We had a BBQ with his family and some friends while we were down in CA. When we got home I planned a... MORE...

    Brooke + Ryan {Bald Head Island, NC}

    Tuesday, October 26

    Brooke + Ryan live in New York, but decided to have their wedding on Bald Head Island.  We know why and so will you when you see some pictures of this place.  Stinking beautiful.  Ryan's dad has a house there and they spend summers roaming around the island.  We were envious to say the least! Bald Head is an island off... MORE...

    My life story- as far as photography!

    Tuesday, October 19

    We got the best email today from a guy who clearly loves the crap out of his girlfriend. It's definitely inspired this blog post. He said..

    "Soooo...I have an interesting request for the two of you.  My girlfriend is in love with your blog.  She gets excited about every single picture that you take from your weddings and daily... MORE...

    Jamie + Abel Baby! {Pasadena, CA}

    Wednesday, October 13

    You couldn't have found two nicer people than Jamie + Abel!  Seriously.  We met them a while back and were super excited to hang out with them during their engagement shoot, especially when they told us some of the spots that they had picked out.  We met them at the Pasadena Architectural Salvage because they get a lot of... MORE...

    Sarah + Kyle + storms full of frogs {Clarksville, MO}

    Wednesday, October 6

    Clarksville: Population 490. That's right. We shot a wedding in the smallest town ever, and it was amazing. I'm pretty sure this wedding was the best wedding to ever take place in this town. We got in the night before and headed over to their rehearsal dinner to shoot some photos, eat some tasty dinner, and play some horseshoes. Then... MORE...