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  • June, 2010

    A nice note from a friend

    Tuesday, June 29

    Our friend Nicole made the best blog post on her {awesome} blog that I just wanted to share! If you have some time or are bored, go ahead and read what she had to say about Gray and I!

    Friends of knitcole - Jagger Photography
    It's time for the third installment of "Friends of knitcole!"... MORE...

    Ben + Christine {San Diego, CA}

    Monday, June 28

    Ben and Christine!!!! This wedding was great! It wasn't too hot {being summer in San Diego and all} and everyone was great, the bridal party was fun {always a plus} and the location was beautiful!! Ben is in the military so they got married at a base in Point Loma overlooking the ocean! Anyway they were a blast to... MORE...

    Ashley + Ruarri {Zion National Park} Part 2

    Saturday, June 19

    So this is part 2 of this glorious 4 day wedding fiasco! They handed everyone a kazoo to play when they walked back down this isle. Everyone played "All you need is love" by the Beatles. MORE...

    Ashley + Ruarri {Zion National Park} Part 1

    Thursday, June 17

    Ashley and Ruarri!! Oh man, how awesome are they. This was one of the weddings that we were EX-CI-TED for!! It was a 4 day weekend extravaganza starting in Vegas, going to Zion and ending in Vegas. They invited their 31 closest friends and family and just had a big party! It was so great because it was so... MORE...

    Jeff + Rafedah – {Sonora, CA} Boom Baby!!

    Monday, June 14

    First of all, let me say that we are jealous of Jeff + Rafedah.  They received the most awesome wedding present that we have every seen (which you will see).  That better be displayed proudly in your house!  That's all I have to say. We had an amazing time in Sonora for this wedding.  The town was so small and old... MORE...

    Taryn + Owen {Pasadena, CA}

    Saturday, June 5

    Tary and Owen... ooooooh Taryn and Owen. These two... they were awesome. Can I first just point out that we ALWAYS get the most awesome couples? It's like awesome people flock to us, we must give off some kind of "we love awesome people" vibe... Anyway, this wedding was amazing! Taryn and I have been talking over email for MONTHS... MORE...