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  • April, 2010

    one year babbyyyyy!!!

    Friday, April 23

    Happy one year anniversary to us! Gray surprised me with a day trip to Catalina Island {we were back in CA for the week for some weddings}. I was SOOOOOO excited!!!! We ended up having to reschedule because it rained and went 2 days later. It was a good time and a half. Went to the beach, had a Margarita,... MORE...

    April + Jason {Bellingham/Seattle, WA}…. YOU’RE WELCOME

    Tuesday, April 20

    As you know, every once in a while we get the chance to shoot our amazing friends when they decide to get engaged! And THIS one was AWESOOMMMEEE! April and Jason met at OUR WEDDING! She was a bridesmaid and he was invited.  {It was all  pre-planned.} One day, when I was living with 3 girls, {one of which was... MORE...

    Sweet home Alabama… {Natalie + Darrin} Birmingham, AL

    Thursday, April 15

    ...Alabama... it was great. We didn't really know what to expect from Alabama, after a 12 hour flight and 2 layovers, we were tired but it was nice to be in Alabama. I was pretty excited to go, I never really had plans in life of going to Alabama but that's why I was so excited. We got in late,... MORE...

    Happy Easter to the Bun Bun

    Sunday, April 4

    Happy Easter everyone! We met this little bunny at Grayson's parents house as it was running for it's little life from their oh, so stupid, kills everything in it's path.. cat. Then... it ran inside after we tried to stop the stupid cat, and their dog grabbed it and we had to steal it back from it's mouth. After all that,... MORE...