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  • March, 2010

    Vlad + Jamie {San Francisco, CA}

    Wednesday, March 24

    Vlad and Jamie! This couple was too funny. Their wedding day was chalk full of potty humor {our very favorite}, crazy toe socks and Russians. We were driving around trying to get to their venue the night before {well unsuccessfully trying to find parking anyway} I saw this house and was in love. I've always had a thing for houses... MORE...

    Tina + James {Burbank, CA}

    Wednesday, March 17

    Tina and James got married at the Calamigos Equestrian Center in Burbank, CA- it was great,  I loved this place! Huge trees and lots of grass, my favorite. We just did their mountain engagement shoot a few weeks ago, which was good fun! This wedding was a little different than anything we've done before. The whole ceremony was... MORE...

    “Geoff’s the best! Say it!!!”

    Wednesday, March 10

    Living with Candice, I'd often wake up from a nap or come home from work {back when I had a "real job"} and hear the sounds of screaming and giggling, followed by a loud "smack!" accompanied by more screaming and giggling and Geoff yelling " 'Geoff's the best' Say it!!!" 'Geoff's the best!!'".. From experience, I knew that I wanted... MORE...

    Our enemy is {comfort}

    Saturday, March 6

    "You see to me, comfort is the enemy. It stifles growth and it makes us complacent. Comfort makes us satisfied with the mediocre. Comfort keeps us in the "safe zone" rather than challenging us to explore that which is un-safe. Comfort kills creativity. Comfort keeps us from failing and we need to fall on our faces a lot... MORE...

    The San Francisco Treat {day 1}

    Friday, March 5

    So wedding season has officially begun for us, I mean BUSY wedding season. We've had 2 this year so far, but March is when it gets nuts, we love it! A great kick off to the wedding season. We arrived in the lovely San Francisco today after a weirdly long flight from Seattle. We were on the worlds more rickety plane... MORE...

    Yen + Daniel {can’t beat a good picnic}

    Tuesday, March 2

    We met Yen and Daniel back before we moved up to WA and after our meeting with them we were so excited to shoot their wedding, they were so laid back and just seemed awesome. So we're super excited to shoot their wedding in May! The night before this shoot I was sick from some food and slept on the... MORE...