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  • November, 2009

    New additions to Jagger Photography

    Monday, November 23

    We've had so many people asking to see them, we figured it would just be easier to do it here! We got some amazing little ferrets! Sammy and Fynn, they are the cutest stinkin things ever. And ferrets are insanely hard to photograph so there aren't many yet. So here are a few images of them, and a few other... MORE...

    A nice note

    Friday, November 20

    Remember these guys? Patrick and Myesa Nichole are so awesome, we still keep in touch via Facebook (with Tbone too). They wrote us a really nice thank you note a while back and I decided to post it! I know, I know, there hasn't been many news posts! We had a big busy time and now it's our well... MORE...