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  • May, 2009

    Dave + Rachael [good times in Ojai, CA]

    Friday, May 22

    I met Rachael at South Coast Plaza in the most random way. I was talking with a woman about wedding photography and as I got up to leave I heard a woman running behind me yelling "excuse me!! excuse me!" I thought.."there is no way she's talking to me, but I'll check anyway", oddly enough she was yelling for me.... MORE...

    Don’t stop me now Freddy

    Thursday, May 21

    soooooooo.. this is pretty much the best things I've ever seen. Being that
    1. Queen is one of my top 3 all time favorite bands
    2. this is one of my all time favorite Queen songs.

    .... enjoy


    A [very tiny] sneek peak of Dave + Rachael’s wedding- Ojai, CA

    Thursday, May 21

    Don't worry, there is more to come! This is just a little peak to hold you over! Grayson and I shot this amazing wedding in Ojai, CA! Dave and Rachael were awesome! So cute together and so obviously in love! MORE...

    Boz the baby… again

    Tuesday, May 19

    This is Boz Kaylen DaSilva. I have been shooting Boz since before she was born, we haven't gotten to do it nearly enough, but that's how it goes. She is amazingly cute and is just freakin awesome. Until she gave me a fat lip with her binki- no so good Boz. Boz'z mama, Britani, and I have been good friends since... MORE...