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  • April, 2009

    Our amazing wedddinnnggg- featured on Green Wedding Shoes

    Wednesday, April 29

    Our wedding made it on Green Wedding Shoes! I know we haven't posted much lately but it's because we just got back from our honeymoon (which was great,a trip to WA, then an 11 night cruise through the Caribbean). But our wedding was amazing! All our hard work paid off. My fingers were left bloody and lifeless but all the... MORE...

    Caroline + Andrew- Part 2!

    Tuesday, April 28

    Caroline and Andrew got married at the Kindred Community Church, you know, the one with the big cross on the hill off the 91 that's been there forever? Yes, that one. The location was beautiful and everything was green (it was spared by the fires last year. There were a few speed bumps in the wedding, like the florist... MORE...