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  • There’s a new baby in town {Bellingham Newborn Photographer}

    Tuesday, March 25 | Comments

    So Instagram is really a wonderful thing. I say that in all seriousness. It’s the only social media network that I’ve actually made real life friends on, haha. Sawyer’s mama, Jennifer, was following me on Instagram and through comments left on photos and friends of friends I found out that she has a little boy the same age as Myles and lives pretty close to me! So I suggested we get together and go on a walk before she has this baby! She was 2 weeks away from her due date. We did, it was great, no awkward “getting to know each other” feeling, just chatting and being relaxed.. I love when I meet people that don’t make me feel like we’re on a first date. It just felt easy! We planned to get together again with the boys the following Tuesday but that night I got a text asking for a raincheck because she’s in labor with little Miss Sawyer! WHAT!!! That’s awesome!

    A few days later she booked a newborn session with me and I was SO EXCITED! Newborn sessions are just so much fun. They’re a challenge like no other but I really do love them. It’s not really in my nature to love newborn shoots because they require so much patience and waiting, but something about them just makes me so happy! I love the brand new babies and mamas. Another funny thing about this family is that we have the exact same taste in names. Their girl name before they found out their first child was a boy was Finley, and our boy name before we knew Finley was a girl was Sawyer! Even some of our back up names were the same, so weird! So thank you Instagram for introducing me to this awesome family!

    Sawyer_007Sawyer_013 Sawyer_014 Sawyer_015 Sawyer_020 Sawyer_022 Sawyer_027 Sawyer_029 Sawyer_030 Sawyer_031 Sawyer_032 Sawyer_037 Sawyer_043 Sawyer_050 Sawyer_051 Sawyer_054 Sawyer_055 Sawyer_056 Sawyer_057 Sawyer_058 Sawyer_060 Sawyer_065 Sawyer_070Sawyer_067   Sawyer_074  Sawyer_077 Sawyer_080 Sawyer_073Sawyer_081 Sawyer_082 Sawyer_083 Sawyer_088 Sawyer_090 Sawyer_095 Sawyer_099 Sawyer_101


    Bellingham Newborn Photography

    Bellingham Newborn Photographer


    1. Kristy Mowr says:

      These pictures of my grandbabies are absolutely beautiful.. You have such a wonderful eye and your creativity is brilliant. Thank you so much for the beautiful memories of a beautiful family. This grandma is overjoyed…….

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