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  • Miles + Farah- Moonrise Kingdom shoot {Bellingham, WA}

    Sunday, December 29 | Comments

    We had the pleasure of shooting these two loveys in our hometown, Bellingham, WA. They are actually from Florida but decided on a trip up to the beautiful Northwest where they’ll settled after their wedding. Miles and Farah sat in hours of traffic to make it to our beautiful little Nooksak River for their Moonrise Kingdom inspired engagement shoot. We were losing light fast but still had so much fun just hanging out and photographing these two along the muddy riverbed. They were so light heated and easy to be around, we’re so excited to shoot their wedding in Florida later this year! We were bummed we couldn’t go grab some dinner with them after the shoot {our Myles was back home waiting for us to come home!}

    MF_Engaged004  MF_Engaged007MF_Engaged005 MF_Engaged011 MF_Engaged016 MF_Engaged020 MF_Engaged023 MF_Engaged030 MF_Engaged031 MF_Engaged037 MF_Engaged038 MF_Engaged043 MF_Engaged044 MF_Engaged048 MF_Engaged054 MF_Engaged056 MF_Engaged060 MF_Engaged070 MF_Engaged073 MF_Engaged077 MF_Engaged079 MF_Engaged082 MF_Engaged084 MF_Engaged091 MF_Engaged092 MF_Engaged095


    1. Hello!
      I’m a wedding photographer from Colombia, South America and also the editor of a bridal inspiration blog in spanish called El Ajuar http://www.elajuar.net
      I’m a huge Wes Anderson fan and would love to feature this engagement pictures on El Ajuar if it’s ok with you and the couple of course!!!
      Also huge fan of your work!
      Best from Colombia!

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